The Regus Experience (New York City and Buenos Aires, 2013)


Not every Regus front desk looks like this.

Amidst the frenzied, impulsive “planning” for the trip down to Buenos Aires, the three of us made a pact to get actually get some shit done while traveling. For Doug, this meant continuing work at his fulltime job as a remote computer programmer. For Kenny, this meant learning programming, and for me, this meant some combination of helping Kenny and taking random Coursera classes.

God how our ambitions lie to us.

To facilitate these visions of productivity, we came across some great travel hacking resources from Maneesh Sethi, a popular online blogger. He had a blog article that made you jump through some hoops to get access to some of his flight hacking resources, one of which was entitled “free office space around the world.” The free office space is Regus, from whom you can finagle some deal where you can use their office space in cities around the world. We actually tried it in NYC, and it was great and productive.  (Although, we did end up getting kicked out of an NYC Regus for having our shoes off. Dirty hippies). In Buenos Aires that was a different story.

Doug was the first to venture to a Regus in BA. He came back reporting a really shitty office and lack of Internet. Fuuuuuck. We located the Regus in the most prime office building in BA and went there. The problem was that we looked like scrubs who had enough gear to survive the Gathering of the Juggalos. Doug was perpetually sucking on the tip of his camelbak tentacle, all my shirts were waayy too nipply, and Kenny… well Kenny didn’t pack any merino wool.

We walked into the office building in BA and found out that the Regus space was on the 20th floor. They asked us to name our company to get in and made us take passport pictures (only 2/3 of us were brown, luckily).

We are, to this day, known as the Guiding Hand Social Club to Regus offices. Our collective entity has 18 months of free Regus office accrued in our name. Great success, and finally great internet (and Mate!) at the best fuckin Regus in BA (it’s in Puerto Madero, but don’t tell anyone).


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