The Cult of Las Moiras (Bariloche, Argentina, 2013)

Doug had our personal assistant, Juan, book a hostel in Bariloche for us to stay while we were there. It was called the Las Moiras hostel, and the three of us did not do any Internet research at all before staying there. (Pre-emptive warning sign #1)

Warning sign #2: OK, not all of your roommates in hostels are all chummy chummy and warm, but the French couple occupying the two other beds in the room with Kenny, Doug, and me were pretty lame. They used all the outlets, went to sleep at like 9pm, and passive aggressively slammed doors. 

Warning sign #2: There were two languages spoken at the hostel, but almost no one spoke english. Which two languages you ask? Spanish and Hebrew.

Warning sign #3: Impressively large groups of people chattering in Hebrew, who immediately clam up when a brown dude enters the room. Haha.

Anyway, Las Moiras had some weird juju going on. It might have rubbed off on us. Maybe that’s why we got confused for Israelis for the rest of our time in Argentina.

Note: This post isn’t racist. It was just insular and weird.


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