Finding Fiber (South America, 2013)


When you’re traveling for a while in a new land, you tend to get some weird obsessions that will return your life to the first world comfort that you’re used to.

For me, it was fiber.

Ever since we arrived in Argentina (Buenos Aires), all we ate for EVERY single meal was meat. Lunch was a chicken from the super market, dinner was a mouth watering steak, rinse & repeat. A week in, I was convinced that no one in Argentina eats ANY fiber, and that no one in Argentina poops. (It’s a well known fact that you can’t poop without fiber). Thus began my obsession with finding fiber pills. Every other corner store we passed by, I’d drag in my faithful translator Kenny and stand there dumb while Kenny fumbled asking for fiber pills.

There was no success to be had in Buenos Aires, however.

A few weeks later we were in Bariloche. It’s a touristy, beautiful town at the foot of the Andes. There was no way I could fiber there … right? WRONG. Corner store method pulled through, and I got my fiber fix. Take that, Argentina.


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