Tango (Buenos Aires, 2013)



It really annoyed me that everyone kept telling me about Argentine tango. Everyone and everything on the Internet couldn’t shut up about it. I’m like OK, it’s a fucking dance, this is AMERICA people grind it up all the time.

Well, they were right, and I ate my words.

Kenny and I decided to check out one of the famed local tango spots in Buenos Aires (La Catedral) since our shitty Aguero apartment was relatively close by. La Catedral ain’t no cathedral, it’s a really big warehouse with chairs, a small stage, and a dance floor in the middle. It was also extremely hot inside (keep in mind this is during the summer in Argentina, it was at least 90 F inside).

The women were gorgeous, the men looked sleazy. The dancing was sensual, erotic, and just flowing. It surprised me that I could begin to distinguish the better dancers from the worse ones in the time I was there — tango all looked the same to me on YouTube. But you can tell. Highly recommend La Catedral even if it’s not your thing.

(Short aside: Doug had been harping on and on about how awesome Tango was, how it fit in with his “gaucho” personality, and how it was philosophically sacrosanct, blah blah. He never did any tango or watched any in Argentina, lol)


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