The Aguero apartment (Buenos Aires, 2013)

We moved to our second place in Buenos Aires after two weeks in the Palermo Viejo neighborhood. This new place was advertised as being “right in the heart of tango country” and “near the abasto shopping mall.” Ok awesome. Time to get all native and stay away from the hipsters.

A few things happened that made our stay in place #2 pretty fucking miserable. The electricity went out when Kenny was trying to plug something into the wall. Like, the system was so crappy that it literally blue the entire fuse. Oh yeah, the internet wasn’t working either. We were shit out of luck and had to scramble to get Mauricio the building manager to help us out. He couldn’t really do anything so we were just sweating in the Buenos Aires heat for two days.

The Abasto shopping mall was right across the street. We ended up squatting there for the whole time trying to steal internet access from one of the shitty coffee shops. Over the week we spent in place #2 we started noticing some other …. things.

  • Our friend Ari (Argentine dude, BA native) told us he got mugged like right outside our place a year ago. He proceeded to tell us how dangerous the neighborhood is.
  • We noticed some little trouble maker kid shouting at another kid outside of the mall. Big whoop. Then little kid breaks a fucking glass bottle and chucks it at the other kid. The whole thing shatters. WTF.
  • We had to use a key to leave the apartment building. So if the key was out with someone else and you had to leave … you’re shit out of luck.
  • Due to poor planning, we proceeded to run out money two days into our stay at Aguero. Luckily there was a Chinese run parrilla next door that was ridiculously cheap. I mean like, $3 for a poun d of meat. We must have exhausted the food supply there going there for every meal.

On the plus side, the place had these really futuristic locks. Their blue lights zwipped and beeped to make you feel like you were in Star Trek. No but fuck Aguero though. That place sucked.


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